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Keep up to date – we offer you the opportunity to learn the latest about VP Bank at any time. Thanks to our RSS feeds, you immediately receive the most recent information and news right on your own computer display.

What is RSS?

RSS is an XML (extensible markup language) format that «feeds» news streams and enables newly published Internet content to be collected. In other words: When you subscribe to RSS feeds, you will be continually supplied with news.

The letters «RSS» stand for two different terms:

  • «Really Simple Syndication» emphasizes the simplicity involved in the dissemination of Web content.

  • «Rich Site Summary» underscores the fact that a single file can contain an overview of numerous articles published on a given Website.

VP Bank Feeds:

VP Bank News

Stay informed about the most important happenings in the financial markets and at VP Bank.

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How do I subscribe?

You need to have a reader program in order to view the content of RSS feeds – so-called «RSS readers» or «news readers» exist as stand-alone desktop applications, as plug-ins for e-mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook, or they are already installed in certain browser (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera).

A selection of RSS readers can be found in:

Google Directory

In the RSS reader, the articles are presented with a brief introduction. A mouse click takes you to the given Website where you can read the entire article.

Conditions of use for VP Bank RSS feeds

The RSS feeds are the exclusive property of VP Bank. They are intended solely for your personal use and may not be exploited for commercial purposes. The published information may not be altered in any way. The linking of VP Bank RSS feeds in third-party Internet sites or Weblogs is prohibited.

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