VP Bank e-banking mobile

We make your banking mobile.


With VP Bank e-banking mobile, we have developed an innovative application that allows you easy and convenient access to your current and securities account data. It also enables the compilation and entry of securities orders.


Payment transactions

  • Compile payments via account transfer, red and orange payment slips as well as IBAN numbers
    NB: these payment methods vary from location to location

  • Scan payment slips for fast and easy order entry

  • Displays the last 100 payments and standing-order transactions as well as the current status

Securities transactions

  • Enter securities orders via your smartphone or tablet

  • Access the latest market data

  • Set up new securities on your own

  • Display your last 100 securities orders with all the relevant details

Login procedure

Secure login procedure by means of the VP Bank Security Token or Mobile Token as well as the possibility to store user-specific particulars

Mobile Token

Register your smartphone as a Mobile Token via the app and use it in the future to verify the e-banking login process or to authorise payments. Find out more about using the Mobile Token procedure in our online instructions.


  • Electronic dispatch of bank correspondence

Push messages

Set up automatic push messages in order to be notified when any of the following occur:

  • account is credited

  • account is debited

  • news/notifications

  • the receipt of e-Post documents

  • the necessity to endorse payment/securities orders


Exchange of encrypted notifications directly via VP Bank e-banking mobile

Installation instructions

iPhone and iPad

The program is available from the App Store

VP Bank e-banking mobile

Android smartphones and tablets

The program is available from the Google Play Store

VP Bank e-banking mobile


To use VP Bank e-banking mobile, the following requirements must be fulfilled: e-banking contract at VP BankSmartphone or tablet that fulfils one of the following requirements:
  • Smartphone or tablet with iOS (version 5.0 or later. To iOS version 6.1.6 only e-banking versions to 5.1.1 are available): Apple ID in order to download the app from the App Store

  • Smartphone or tablet with Android (version 2.3 or later): Google account in order to download the app from the Google Play Store

With VP Bank e-banking plus contracts, activation must be initiated by the super user.

Login and security instructions

  • To register for VP Bank e-banking mobile, the same login details are used as with the desktop version VP Bank e-banking (username, password and VP Bank Security Token or Mobile Token).

  • With the app solution for smartphones or tablets with iOS or Android, a legitimation code that is valid for 365 days can be saved on the device. Once such a code has been saved, only the username and password are required for the login on VP Bank e-banking mobile.

Security instructions
  • Protect your smartphone or tablet with a PIN: activate the automatic lock and the code lock on your smartphone or tablet (under “Settings”), in order to prevent unauthorised persons from accessing your device.

  • Do not disclose your username and password to anyone else.

  • Logout from VP Bank e-banking mobile (respond to the question “Do you want to logout from VP Bank e-banking?” by selecting “Yes”).

  • Never respond to an e-mail that asks you to disclose your username and password

  • With VP Bank e-banking mobile, no client-identifying information is saved on your device and no personal information is downloaded from your smartphone or tablet.

Privacy statement / data protection declaration

  • This data protection declaration pertains to the processing of data in conjunction with the use of VP Bank e-banking and e-banking mobile services/functions.

  • During said use, only the data transmitted by the user will be compiled by the Bank and applied exclusively for the utilisation/execution of the corresponding e-banking services/functions.

  • The use or forwarding of such data will be accomplished exclusively within the scope of currently valid (legal) precepts and thus in keeping with the applicable data protection provisions.

  • In principle, access data such as IP address, date and time of use, log files, etc., will not be passed on to third parties.

  • If use of the corresponding functions necessitates that data be forwarded to third parties (in particular, for purposes of payment transactions, securities trading, custodianship or the safekeeping of deposited items), such can take place if the user is in agreement with this data transfer or otherwise in instances when the disclosure of client data is required due to one of the constellations described in the General Conditions. Hence, legally prescribed disclosure obligations are upheld and the Bank reserves the right to do so.

  • The duration of the retention period for such data is in keeping with the legal requirements (according to necessity as dictated by data protection provisions or exceptional retention obligations/periods as per special norms).

  • Data protection law provides for the right to receive information on, to correct or to delete data. Enquiries in this regard can be addressed to the Data Protection Officer of VP Bank Ltd.

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