VP Bank e-banking is based on the high security standards of VP Bank, which enables us to guarantee the best possible security for your banking transactions.

Security standards of VP Bank

Encryption of data transmission

We use a 256-bit SSL encryption system for the transmission of data between you and VP Bank, as one of the most secure ways of exchanging data available today.


The VP Bank e-banking software provided by VP Bank contains a digital certificate. A certificate is assigned to a specific organisation (or person) and thus establishes the identity of the user. When installing our e-banking software, you will be sent a certificate issued for VP Bank, which assures you that you are genuinely connected to one of our servers.

Digital signature

VP Bank e-banking is certified by an approved third party (SwissSign), guaranteeing that the program derives from the issuer “VP Bank”. We recommend that you always check the issuer of the downloaded file when installing VP Bank e-banking.

Login procedure

Access to VP Bank e-banking is gained via a three-stage verification process. The following three security elements conclusively identify the user:

  • a user ID consisting of the agreement number and allocated reference code

  • a personal password known only to the user

  • a Token Code or a Mobile Token

VP Bank Security Token

As the third and final element of this procedure, the VP Bank Security Token affords the highest degree of protection during your login thanks to leading-edge technology. The validation data are transmitted in the form of a cryptograph and displayed on the Token, a state-of-the-art process. The Security Token enables flexible activation of various safety levels and offers highly effective protection against dangerous e-banking attacks (for example, via malware).

VP Bank Mobile Token

As an alternative to the VP Bank Security Token, you can register your smartphone as a Mobile Token. In order to be able to use the procedure, you require a smartphone (Android or iOS) and the e-banking mobile app installed on it. When you select your smartphone to verify the e-banking login process or to authorise payments*, a push notification is sent to your smartphone for you to check and confirm. Please note that for security reasons the Mobile Token can only be used if VP Bank e-banking is used on a device other than the registered smartphone.

* The function for authorising payments will be available provided you have activated it.

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