Policy and strategy

VP Bank Group is committed to the pursuit of a growth-driven strategy. However, that growth must also be accompanied by profit.

Strategic orientation

Our business model is based on two strategic pillars: private banking and the intermediaries business. The home market activities in Liechtenstein are supplemented by retail banking and the commercial business. Supplementing these core capabilities is VP Bank Group’s international fund competency centre.

VP Bank considers it a matter of course and a central task to fulfil all regulatory and crossborder requirements as well as to offer a comprehensive range of services that correspond to the business model of VP Bank Group.

International markets

From the various locations of VP Bank Group – namely Vaduz, Zurich, Luxembourg, Tortola, Singapore, Hong Kong and Moscow – our clearly defined target markets are actively cultivated. The local offices bear responsibility for developing their own markets and receive coordinative assistance from the Group. The defined target markets for Europe comprise Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Russia and Ukraine; in Asia, the Group’s focus is on Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Client segments and structure

VP Bank has defined four distinct client segments:


Profitable growth

VP Bank Group plans to achieve both organic growth and growth through acquisitions. In achieving the goal of profitable growth, VP Bank’s international branches and the VP Fund Solutions competence centre play a crucial role. Leveraging the benefits of targeted acquisitions is also an important element of our quest for growth.

Resolute focus

At VP Bank, the term “focus” relates to the reduction of complexities and the costs of internal processes. For those reasons, keen cost consciousness prevails at VP Bank. Localising the potential for cost savings was a major, and successful, activity the past years.

Personification of the culture

VP Bank deals with measures for reinforcing the selling and performance culture throughout the Group. Here, the goal is to further enhance the advisory skills of front-office staff. They receive support in this effort through consulting tools as well as targeted training courses.

In terms of corporate culture, our emphasis is on promoting team thinking.

Medium-term goals

VP Bank has defined the following targets for the end of 2020:

  • Assets under management of CHF 50 billion;

  • Group net income of CHF 80 million;

  • Cost/income ratio under 70 per cent.

Efficiency and digitalisation

Strengthening the relevant support functions and resolutely pursuing process optimisation go hand in hand with VP Bank’s other “Focus” initiatives. These efforts simultaneously reflect the relentless move towards digitalisation as well as the increasing significance of IT-based processes and solutions – both in the intermediaries business and the private banking area. The intentional concentration of key functions and processes in the newly created “Chief Operating Officer” organisational unit makes it possible to reduce superfluous complexities and costs.

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