We carry responsibility

VP Bank Group is committed to the principle of sustainable growth. Our goal is to secure the future of the generations to come.

The commercial success of VP Bank Group has always been predicated upon forward-looking management and responsible action. The principle of sustainability is a core component of our approach to corporate management.

For us, sustainability involves seamless, responsible action. It involves not only respect for people and the environment, but also responsible management of the funds entrusted to our care.

Our commitment to sustainability

VP Bank Group would welcome the opportunity to secure the basis for your economic success over the long term. That necessitates a package of measures intended to achieve sustainability.

  • Relations with our employees are characterised by personal respect and a sense of responsibility.

  • We make every effort to fulfil our responsibility towards the environment through targeted measures designed to permit economical use of resources.

  • VP Bank’s business activities also involve intense interaction with society. That is our way of helping to secure and reinforce the role of Liechtenstein and the other regions in which we are active as centres of business and industry.

Examples of measures we have adopted:

Mobility management

financial incentives to use public transport and to form carpools

Paper consumption

long-term reduction thanks to e-banking and e-post

Energy consumption

savings attributable to responsible use and modern technologies as well as energy-efficient installations

Avoidance of waste

paper, glass, cardboard, polystyrene, PET bottles and organic waste are separated for collection

Responsibility towards employees

attractive, modern working conditions as well as permanent employee career development

Social and cultural commitment

support for numerous non-profit organisations, initiatives and projects

Environmental management

responsibility for ecological sustainability as well as active participation in national and international project groups

UN Global Compact

VP Bank has decided to adopt the provisions and spirit of the United Nations Global Compact. The Bank’s membership commenced in early 2016.

The UN Global Compact is a universal convention concluded between companies and the UN with the aim of shaping globalisation in a more social and environmentally friendly way. It is the largest sustainability initiative the world has ever seen: more than 12,000 signatories in 170 countries have committed to this endeavour. See below VP Bank’s Annual Communication on Progress.

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