Personnel development

Theory and practice go hand in hand

Are you looking for an employer who invests not only in the company but also in its employees? We know what knowledge can bring about.

With the VP Bank FORUM, we have developed a training and continuing education programme that takes into account the differing needs of our employees.

Throughout the year, we offer courses and seminars that centre on the goals, culture and values of VP Bank Group.

Employees who perform management functions are guided in a targeted manner toward the qualifications they need in their leadership role and familiarised with the VP Bank philosophy.

The principles of our personnel development

Talent promotion

Level-consistent entry into the professional world

Employee development

Fostering and supporting individual desires for continuing education
Organising attractive in-house courses and seminars
On-the-job training by means of multi-month foreign deployment within VP Bank Group

Management development

Early identification of personal potential
Targeted guidance of management candidates into their leadership role

Multifaceted exchange programmes

  • Available at all locations of VP Bank Group within the framework of multi-month exchange and personal development programmes

  • For employees who, as a result of their qualifications and performance, are candidates for higher positions within the Bank and wish to learn an intercultural management philosophy

Unusual degree of support

  • Outstanding educational opportunities for employees’ higher professional and personal education

  • Financial accommodation and work-time leeway for periods of learning

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