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Here you will find information on the latest developments at our bank.

VP Bank communication guidelines

Under the conditions of its listing on SIX Swiss Exchange, VP Bank is subject to the special publication obligations applied to listed companies. All regulatory reports (in particular ad hoc reports) must be sent to at least two information systems commonly used by professional market participants and to two Swiss daily newspapers of national significance. Interested parties may also subscribe to ad hoc reports, and all press releases are available on our website for a period of at least two years.

Press releases will also generally be made available via other channels such as Twitter.

Preliminary information: VP Bank expects improved results for the first half of 2017

VP Bank Group has reported higher net income for the first half of 2017 as compared to the same period in the previous year. This includes provisions for a single payment which is to be made to the German authorities as part of an agreement.

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Change in Group Executive Management at VP Bank

Martin C. Beinhoff, Member of Group Executive Management and Chief Operating Officer, will leave VP Bank Group at the end of June 2017. Information regarding his successor shall be provided in due course.

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VP Bank: buyback of shares on the standard trading line complete

VP Bank has completed the share buyback programme on the standard trading line announced on 6 June 2016. As of 31 May 2017, the Bank holds 8.66 per cent of its own share capital.

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VP Fund Solutions: safely ahead in the fund business

Luxembourg RAIFs are one of today’s most popular investment fund vehicles. Ralf Konrad has been elected to the Executive Committee of the Liechtenstein Investment Fund Association.


The financial centre of the future - successful VP Bank Financial Dialogue in Luxembourg

Keying on the motto "New challenges - new business opportunities", VP Bank invited guests to the "VP Bank Financial Dialogue 2017" in Luxembourg on 18 May 2017.


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VP Bank Group expands Group Executive Management

VP Bank is adjusting its organisational and management structure effective from 1 January 2017: The General Counsel & Chief Risk Officer and Investment Solutions organisational units will be formed at Group Executive Management level. Monika Vicandi, current Head of Group Legal, Compliance & Tax, will be running the General Counsel & Chief Risk Officer organisational unit and joining the VP Bank Group Executive Management as of 1 January 2017. The new Head of Investment Solutions, whose recruitment is presently ongoing, will also join Group Executive Management.

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EU passport provides VP Fund Solutions with EU access for Liechtenstein-registered alternative investment funds

Since October 2016, Liechtenstein-registered alternative investment funds and alternative investment fund managers can access the European domestic market. VP Fund Solutions benefits from this EU passport.


VP Bank launches ProLink – the new information platform for financial intermediaries

The new ProLink information platform enables financial intermediaries to access the most important information and services required for their day-to-day work easily and quickly.


Award-winning: VP Bank’s annual report demonstrates quality

VP Bank Group’s annual report once again receives numerous awards.


2016 semi-annual results of VP Bank Group: consolidated net income of CHF 24.4 million, very high core-capital ratio of 25.7 per cent, appreciable increase in operating results

In the first half of 2016, VP Bank Group generated a consolidated net income of CHF 24.4 million. The core-capital ratio rose from 24.4 percent to 25.7 per cent. As a result of intensive market-development activities, noticeable inflows of net new money could be realised in the first six months of 2016, primarily in Asia and in the area of investment funds. Operating expenses fell by 7.6 per cent.

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Award-winning: VP Bank’s 2014 annual report also recognised for its online quality

VP Bank Group’s 2014 annual report has won several awards.


VP Bank: second fixed-price share repurchase successfully completed

The repurchase of own bearer and registered shares within the framework of a second public fixed-price offer of VP Bank, announced on 13 October 2015, was successfully completed today. 298,442 bearer shares and 10,200 registered shares had been repurchased by VP Bank. Following completion of the repurchase, VP Bank now holds a total of 9.28 per cent of the outstanding share capital and 6.05 per cent of the voting rights.

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VP Bank: second fixed-price share repurchase

VP Bank Ltd is carrying out a second repurchase of own bearer and registered shares within the framework of a public fixed-price offer. The repurchase period will run from 15 to 28 October 2015. The shares to be repurchased are also to be used for future acquisitions or for treasury management purposes.

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VP Bank Group restructures Group Executive Management

With effect from 1 January 2016, the VP Bank Group Board of Directors is adjusting the organisational structure and functions performed within Group Executive Management in response to economic and regulatory changes. Martin C. Beinhoff has been appointed as the new Chief Operating Officer.

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Standard & Poor’s reconfirms “A–” rating of VP Bank

Rating agency Standard & Poor’s maintains the excellent “A–” rating (A–/A–2) of VP Bank Group.


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