Online services

Would you like to be able to carry out your financial transactions round the clock with no security concerns? Our solution: VP Bank e-banking.

With VP Bank e-banking you can carry out your financial transactions quickly, simply and conveniently. You are kept up to date on the status of your transactions at all times, and the transparent overview enables you to maintain complete cost control – regardless of regular office hours.

With the e-banking plus application, developed specifically for financial service providers, you also have the opportunity to provide users with varying levels of authorisation, thereby replicating your internal organisational structure.

Easy to navigate, e-banking plus is quick to get used to and helps you submit your payment transactions and stock market orders efficiently.

You also have access to the latest information and a wide array of functions outside of regular office hours.

VP Bank e-banking functions

Account and custody account information

Asset matrix with graphical views
Transaction overview

Payment transactions

Payment transactions with all common payment types Set-up and management of standing orders

Stock market

Placement of individual or list stock market orders Confirmation of execution via text message or fax


Exchange of encrypted messages


Individual adjustment of user interface

VP Bank e-banking plus additional functions

  • User administration

  • Issuing of authorisations and signatory rights

  • Client allocation

Professional Data Feed

Want to consolidate your client data in an easy manner? With our Professional Data Feed, you receive position as well as transaction-specific data via our standard interface. As a result, you have a quick and simple means of importing the available data into your own portfolio management system.

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