Services and products

The exceptional quality of all services and products is a key factor in your ability to serve your clients optimally. We support you as an independent partner and take time to address your individual needs.

Due to our many years of experience in the banking business, we can offer you comprehensive, flexible services and the best products available on the market.

Moreover, our international presence enables you to accommodate country-specific circumstances in all solutions.

Our range of services

Basic services

Our basic range of services encompasses all support activities you need to handle banking transactions: custody account maintenance, transparent and detailed account statements, securities management and execution of transactions.

Proactive client advice

In providing this unusual service, our focus is on professional and trading-oriented investors, who then have direct contact with our securities and foreign exchange traders. We provide you with the relevant information and, by means of our trading recommendations, generate even more value added for you.

Custodian bank services

Benefit from the advantages of one or more of our fund-solution locations: Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and the British Virgin Islands. We would be pleased to perform the role of custodian bank for your fund, including the valuation of fund assets and monitoring of compliance with investment guidelines.

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