Asset management

You delegate – we manage your assets professionally

So what does a VP Bank asset management mandate give you? Definite added value. With our investment advisory packages, you receive selected services that are tailor-made for your needs – at attractive conditions.

The best solutions

You receive access to our global network. Here, we select the right solution for you – with the best products from around the world regardless of who the provider is.

Finger directly on the pulse of the financial markets

We have our finger on the pulse of the financial markets and guarantee the active management of your assets.

More time

Concluding a VP Bank Asset Management Mandate will give you much more time for your personal interests, since our carefully selected experts will take care of your investment decisions and portfolio monitoring for you.

Systematic portfolio monitoring

Die Vermögensanlagen in Ihrem Portfolio profitieren von einer systematischen Überwachung. Dabei stellen wir eine strikte Risikokontrolle sicher.

Comprehensive reporting

With our publications and in personal discussions, you receive a clear overview at a pace of your choice.

Our services

Classic Mandate

With the Classic Mandate, you benefit from VP Bank’s comprehensive investment expertise. We offer you VP Bank’s core product for five investment strategies and in four reference currencies. The strategies are implemented actively using individual and collective investments. We follow the principle of open architecture and deploy institutional investment vehicles.

Special mandate

In contrast to the Classic Mandate, the Special Mandate allows you to benefit from portfolio management that implements your desired investment strategy in a manner tailored to your needs. To enable us to achieve your objectives, we take account of your strategic specifications and your requirements in terms of asset classes, regions and sectors. The structure of your mandate is very flexible, and the structured investment process leads to a continual improvement in the risk/return characteristics. Ongoing analysis of the key financial markets combined with balanced risk management results in a broadly diversified portfolio. Your portfolio manager will actively take care of tactical adjustments in line with changing market conditions as well as targeted hedging against currency fluctuations.

Fund mandate

Within the Fund Mandate, we implement your chosen investment strategy exclusively with collective investments on the basis of our best-manager approach. From the universe of available funds and exchangetraded funds (ETFs), we identify those products which are among the best performers in their asset class in terms of performance, investment risk, history, management and transparency.

Enhanced Mandate

Within the Enhanced Mandate, we actively implement your chosen investment strategy. Focus is placed on the use of cost-efficient investment instruments such as ETFs and index funds. In addition to active allocation across the various asset classes in accordance with our market assessment, the additional elements of volatility, momentum and themes ensure further optimisation.

Strategy funds

Strategy funds provide you with the opportunity to take advantage of VP Bank’s investment expertise even with small investment sums. This allows you to benefit from our active investment approach combined with comprehensive risk monitoring.

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