Anytime, anywhere

Want to be able to conduct your financial transactions round the clock and without security concerns? Our solution: VP Bank e-banking.

With VP Bank e-banking, you can take care of your banking matters wherever you might be at the moment – easily, conveniently and quickly.

VP Bank e-banking keeps you continually up to date on your account status and, thanks to the transparent overview, you have full cost control. Regardless of official banking hours, you also have the latest information and an array of functions at your disposal.

Functionalities of VP Bank e-banking

Current and
securities account information

  • Graphically displayed asset matrix

  • Overview of your holdings and transactions

Payment transactions

  • Execution of all normal types of payment transaction

  • Creation and administration of standing orders

  • Simple means of changing, deleting or copying payment and standing orders

Securities transactions

  • Entry of individual and lists of securities orders

  • Easy-to-understand display of pending securities and money-market orders with all relevant details and the latest processing status

  • Diverse operations, such as cancelling, copying or printing-out orders

  • Attractive discounts on transaction fees

  • Access to current market data

  • Receipt of execution confirmations via SMS or fax


Exchange of notifications with VP Bank via a secure channel


  • Electronic dispatch of bank correspondence

  • Ordering of electronic account and asset statements

Grant of authorisation*

Create, block or de-authorise users, as well as allocate/designate the relevant rights/clients.

*Applies only to e-banking plus users

An overview of all functions can be found in the VP Bank e-banking brochure.

We want to set the standards – also when it comes to the processing of your financial transactions via the Internet. Our multifaceted VP Bank e-banking application is geared to your needs.
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